News from Make Me Smile Kenya

  • Running Towards Change: Make Me Smile's Global Run 2024

  • On-Job Training - Encouraging Lifelong Learning

  • Empowering Dreams: Make Me Smile Graduation Day

  • Isaac's Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Community Inspiration

  • Men Activity Day

  • Permaculture - Into a greener future

  • Mwanga Mpya - New Light

  • Dental Camps 2023: Creating lasting smiles

  • From Crisis to Community: 2023 Flood Relief Recap

  • Magdalena's Kenyan Volunteer Journey

  • Emergency relief: Flooding 2023

  • Gender Equality Hike 2022

    Step by step towards Gender Equality

  • Our children need to play

    Big dreams for our Safe Park

  • Dreams of a DREAMS Girl

    It is not easy for a girl to have dreams.

  • A seedbed for dreams

    The growth of the Under The Tree Youth Group

  • Make Me Smile Global Peace Run 2022

    Worldwide in movement for peace!

  • The Make Me Smile Future Hub

    Computer skills taught in Mayenya!

  • Our year in the Craft Centre

    NITA Exam and Porridge!

  • Vertical Gardens

    Our vertical garden project goes into the next round!

  • Our Christmas Concerts

    Music for a good cause!

  • 2021 Dental Camps

    Recap of our 2021 Dental Camps

  • Kenya - a moving volunteer experience!

    Carla and Lorena about their volunteering in Kenya

  • Give a smile - Free dental treatments

    Making smiles possible.

  • Gender Equality Hike

    We were hiking for Gender Equality

  • Graduation Ceremony at the Craft Centre


  • DREAMS 2.0

    My Body - My Decision - My Future

  • Vertical Sack Gardens - Growing into the sky

    Let's grow upwards

  • Make Me Smile Global Run - First edition

    We were running for Kenya

  • Mayenya Community Centre

    Our next step Into a sunny future

  • Wave of rape in lockdown

    The consequences of the Corona crisis are never-ending. Over 380,000 involuntary pregnancies.

  • 3 reasons why family planning and contraception is the only way

    Only through active family planning can we sustainably improve the standard of living of young families. You can find out more about these three reasons here.

  • Our volunteers sew masks for Kenya

    From the urge to provide the own family during the Corona crisis with high-quality, self-sewn masks, a mask manufacturing workshop for Kenya was established within a few days.

  • Emergency aid: Flood victims and corona crisis

  • Corona emergency aid Kisumu

    Together, we can limit the spread of the virus

  • Tender: Craft Centre Coordinator

    Are you ready to dedicate yourself to our cause? Then apply by the 9th of March.

  • US Ambassador’s visit to Make Me Smile Kenya

    We were delighted to welcome US Ambassador Kyle McCarter to Kolwa East.

  • My visit to the Chiga Youth Friendly Centre

    An interview with the nurse, who is managing our Youth Friendly Centre. The Centre offers reproductive health services and information, especially for the youth.

  • Lifebook for the Youth training

    A training by “Lifebook for Youth” enables our Team to promote the self-confidence of children. Our team had a lot of fun during the training and is looking forward to sharing what they have learned with the children.

  • Project-presentation & Charity Event

    We are grateful to have been invited to present the latest projects of Make Me Smile Kenya at this special occasion in the Émile Brasserie & Bar of the Hilton Vienna Plaza!

  • Short films with an important message

  • FICE Africa Network Meeting

  • Happy Smiling New Year 2017 🙂

  • Nyaimbo - Adult Learning Centre

  • Austrian national day in kenya

    Simon Peter and Maximilian Ullrich, on behalf of Make Me Smile Kenya- and International, were invited to attend the Celebration of the Austrian National Day at the Austrian Embassy in Nairobi.

  • A Smile for pupils and students

  • Big rush at our Children's Clubs

  • We celebrate our Community Home Visitors

  • Important visit that Made us Smile

  • Mid Year Report June 2016

    Already half a year has passed and we have realised a lot of beautiful projects! Convince yourself! !!Thank You For Making Us Smile!!


    Make Me Smile Kenya tries Crowd Funding for the first time - support us!

  • Angola - Health Centre

    The construction of the Angola Community Health Centre is beginning to bear fruit, as the walls are rising to the sky! 🙂

  • Make Me Smile Pre-Festival

    On the 29th of May Take a Smile Media House invites you to a Pre-Event at The Loft to support Make Me Smile Kenya. Join us and Help make People Smile for a Better Tomorrow!

  • Mollyn made us Smile!

    Do You remember Mollyn? - She definitely made us Smile 🙂

  • First Safe Park in Kenya!

    On the 11th of April 2015 Make Me Smile held the first Safe Park ever in Kenya 🙂

  • FICE Kenya Conference April 2015

    Successful FICE-Kenya-Conference on the 9th and 10th of April 2015!

  • Family Planning Training

    Sustainable Collaboration with the Austrian NGO Aktion Regen in: Training on Family Planning, Reproductive Health, HIV/Aids and Hygiene of 62 Community Health Workers from the Make Me Smile Kenya Team and local Health Facilities in Kawese Community, Kisumu County.

  • Lydia Achieng Nyambogo

    Lydia Achieng Nyambogo and her five children had to live in a dilapidated house without a roof or insulation.

  • Children Club Chiga

    A great day for all the children around Chiga – Childrensclub by MMS!

  • VSL Sharing Miwani 2015

    The VSL-Community just had a big event - The Sharing.

  • Adult Education

    The programe "Adult Education" is a reaction against analphabetism and helps even older people to get the chance to stand on their own feet.