We were delighted to welcome US Ambassador Kyle McCarter to Kolwa East. Together with Catholic Relief Services and USAID – MWENDO, we presented the activities of our organization as an implementation partner of our US funded project to support 11,256 (half-)orphans and vulnerable children.


Our effort to support Children in need

We presented the activities we carried out in the MWENDO (Making Well informed Effort to Nurture Disadvantaged Orphans and Vulnerable Children) project.

Improved access to health and social services for orphans and vulnerable children. We achieve this by conducting a detailed survey of the children’s situation to find out where support is mostly needed. This has enabled us to provide targeted support to many children.

Strengthening households and communities to provide children with a protected and stable environment.

Strengthening systems and structures for the well-being and protection of the children. Through the involvement of various private and public partners, we support children and the reduction of gender-based violence.

DREAMS Partnership to support young girls and young women

We also showed how we supported the girls in Kolwa by vocational trainings in cooperation with DREAMS. Some of the girls were able to present their skills and achievements. The DREAMS project managed to host many girls who successfully completed the MWENDO project.

The US Ambassador paid tribute to the strong efforts of the project and underlined the importance of supporting young women

Kyle McCarter appreciated the positive efforts of the project to support the community. He is interested in supporting particularly disadvantaged girls when resources are limited. The projects aim is to help those who are supported becoming independent. Thereafter, these people should function as multiplicators in order to help others. Only a flourishing Kenyan economy will enable the people to have better living conditions. People who give something back to a society that offered them opportunities is one of the most sustainable ways of development Kenya could experience.