In May 2023, Kisumu and the Mayenya Community became victims to one of the most catastrophic flood events in recent history. The unprecedented natural disaster stands as the worst flood ever recorded in the area, leaving a trail of destruction.
The Mayenya Community
Our community is used to being exposed to extreme weather events and a challenging environment to live in. However, the consequences of this catastrophic flood were profound, affecting almost every aspect of daily life for the members of the community. 
Homes were submerged, and the lives of families were turned upside down. People have been displaced and had to stay in overcrowded camps. The risk of diseases was rising day by day. Crops were destroyed and livestock died.
The Response of Make Me Smile
Responding swiftly to the crisis, Make Me Smile Kenya launched a relief effort aimed at reducing the suffering of the most affected families. The initial step was to conduct a thorough assessment to identify those in dire need of assistance and support them with relief packages.
The packages distributed included essential food items, hygiene products, blankets, mosquito nets, and dignity packs for adolescent girls and young women. Moreover, to support agricultural sustainability and revive the community’s spirit, tree and fruit seedlings were distributed.
Empowering the Affected
In total, 450 households benefited from this initiative, spanning across various demographic groups. This included 103 households with children living with HIV/AIDS (CALHIV), 125 elderly individuals, 32 individuals with special needs, and 190 members of the general population.
A Heartfelt Thank You
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the generous donors who made this possible. Your support has brought hope and relief to the Mayenya Community. With your continued support, we are dedicated to helping these communities rebuild their lives and emerge from this crisis stronger and more resilient.