Donate Time: Your Voluntary Work at Make Me Smile Kenya

“I will never ever forget what I was allowed to learn here – these are experiences that last for a lifetime!” – Katharina, Volunteer in 2024

How can I help?

Our projects are located in Kenya, in the region around Kisumu. We take care of children and young people from difficult backgrounds, orphans and half-orphans. Every day, children are confronted with the consequences of poverty, violence and exploitation. In order to give these children a hopeful future, we try to improve the situation of the people in the region sustainably.

What are my tasks?

We have a variety of projects and different possibilities to get involved in a meaningful way.

At the beginning of your volunteer work, we will employ you flexibly so that you can see for yourself in which area you feel most comfortable.

In your preparatory meeting before your arrival, you can tell us which areas you are particularly interested in and what you cannot imagine.

Social issues

Safe Park (daily) and children’s clubs (every two weeks)

The leisure activities for children in Kenya are limited. Our Children Clubs and Safe Park give children the opportunity to be children, interact with other children and reduce trauma symptoms. Organize the children’s free time, help them with the house chores, hold workshops on important topics such as hygiene, HIV/Aids, puberty, children’s rights, etc. and give them an open ear.

Accompany our social workers

Visit families with them and support them in assessing the situation of the children and improving it sustainably.

Educational work

Stand up for the reproductive rights of women and young people.

Support our Rain Workers in educational talks on contraception and sexuality in schools, households and health centres.

Organize a leisure program in our Youth Friendly Centres to awaken the interest of young people in common questions of puberty.


Building projects

Support us in the reconstruction of houses of needy families. In about two weeks you can build a complete house together with the family, a skilled worker and the village community and thus give a family a safe home.

Arts and crafts workshop

Our arts and crafts workshop offers young women vocational training as tailors. Support us in product development and marketing our products in Kenya and Europe.

Chiga Good Choice


Our permaculture project, “New Land”, is designed to give farmers in the area knowledge of how to increase their yields without having to buy artificial seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Support us in growing vegetables & fruits and help us to make the soil fertile. We also run a greenhouse that provides fresh vitamins for our children in the lunch program.

Fundraising & Social Media

Help us to communicate our projects to our donors. As a volunteer you will be constantly confronted with inspiring stories. Write reports about your experiences or make videos that we can then distribute through our channels to bring smiles to even more people in the future.

Do you have an idea?

Do you have certain talents, or can you bring your education into our work? Cool! We are always open for new things.

Here are a few examples that we have been able to implement so far:

– Kickboxing/self-defense training for young women

– Training our employees in psychosocial support / mental health

– Further training of our employees on reproductive health

– Medical camps (general medicine, dental treatment, nutrition)

Why Volunteering?

Do not visit Kenya as a tourist, but as a member of a community. Our staff and friends welcome you with open arms. This is the best way to get to know the people and the culture!

The encounters you have had, especially the joy and appreciation of the children, are impressive experiences that will accompany you for a long time. Find out how much you can already achieve with little means.

Grow also in a personal sense. After an introductory phase you can take on more and more responsibility.

The dedicated Make Me Smile Kenya team, with whom the volunteers work, takes every input seriously and is happy about every help. Take a look at our Volunteer-Blog. Here volunteers report on their adventures, impressions and experiences.

Our Projectregion

We are active in Kenya, more precisely in Kisumu, near Lake Victoria. There are not many tourists in the region, which guarantees you an authentic picture of Kenya. The majority of the population belongs to the 4th largest ethnic group in Kenya, the Luos and are Christians. Kisumu has a city center with restaurants and shops. If you get sick, there are several private hospitals with almost western standards. The region is considered stable, although crime can never be completely ruled out. However, if you use common sense and follow the instructions of our teams, the chances of danger are very low. You can call your contact person in case of emergency at any time of the day or night. In addition, our office and your accommodation is constantly guarded by day and night guards.
In your free time you have the opportunity to explore the project region and points of interest. Especially popular are excursions to Lake Victoria, the Kakamega rainforest and the Weeping Stones.

Accommodation during your stay in Kenya

Our MakeMeSmile-Office is located on the outskirts of Kisumu. Right next to the office is our volunteer house. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and Wifi – what more can you ask for! Depending on how many volunteers are there, you will either sleep alone or with up to two of your fellow volunteers. There is also the possibility to stay overnight with one of our staff members in the rural community of Miwani, or to spend the night in the mountains, on our “New Land” in Kajulu.
A gate keeper is on site around the clock and provides additional security.

Office Kisumu

Costs of Volunteering in Kenya

  • One-time fee: 150 Euro
  • Accommodation costs per month:
    for a stay of 90 days or more: 360 Euro
    for a stay less than 90 days:  400 Euro
  • Monthly membership fee: from 5€ (can be canceled any time)

Included: Accommodation, daily transport to the projects (either by project bus, motorcycle taxi or minibus), drinking water, Wi-Fi, transport to and from Kisumu airport/bus station, 24-hour emergency contact, electricity & water, personal support and of course many experiences, cushioning of the culture shock and a harmonic, memorable and unique volunteering experience.

Die Kosten für Deinen Freiwilligendienst sind steuerlich absetzbar.

Checklist for your voluntary work in Kenya

⊗ Age 18 years or older

⊗ Knowledge of English

⊗ Fun working with kids

⊗ Not a must, but appreciated: Special know-how (pedagogy, social work, agriculture, medicine, construction, technology, etc.)

⊗ Vaccinations: Some vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis are required. It is best to get information directly from a tropical institute (e.g.: German Society for Tropical Medicine and Global Health e.V.  Where you get all informations in english – )

You would like to help us to support self-help, bring a smile to people in Kenya and return with an even bigger smile? Great! Then please fill in our contact form in English, so that our team in Kenya can also get to know you.
We are looking forward to you!

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