Corona emergency aid Kisumu

The corona virus is on its rise on the African continent. In our daily work we particularly care for vulnerable Communities (chronically ill, affected by poverty, HIV and other immune system weakening diseases). The weakened immune system makes them particularly susceptible to a severe course of the virus. Since many have no health insurance and there are far too few intensive care beds, it is particularly important to prevent infections.
In a first step we provide those who cannot afford soap themselves with hygiene packages and information material. Please join us!

100% of your donation supports people in Kenya

Our commitment follows a holistic approach

We asked the people in Kenya what needs to change. Together, we identified four focus areas and developed solutions that we are working on in collaboration with the local communities. Our goal is a happier society in which all basic needs are met, everyone has equal rights and people have opportunities to independently improve their situation in the long term.

We help you to help yourselves - for the benefit of the children. Because we believe in your potential.

  • Radio shows

    Women's rights and matters of reproductive health are staged in an exciting way and broadcasted on national radio programmes.

  • Make Me Smile - Health Centre

    We are building a Health Centre at Angola Community because of the insufficiency and shortage of medical services in the community.

  • Shelter Renovation

    During the rainy season many houses in our project region are destroyed. In order to protect the hard-earned possessions and especially the families, we help them to rebuild their houses.

  • Miwani - Medical Support

    Apart from educational support and our lunchprograme in Miwani we also offer medical treatment to 20 OVCs in Miwani.

News from Kenya

  • Our volunteers sew masks for Kenya

    From the urge to provide the own family during the Corona crisis with high-quality, self-sewn masks, a mask manufacturing workshop for Kenya was established within a few days.

  • Flood in Kisumu - Help, which arrives

    Aid packages will be delivered during this weekend, but we have not yet reached our goal

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Maximilian Ullrich

Maximilian Ullrich – Founder & Managing Director, Make Me Smile International

Your donation will be handled with the same care as if it were our own. During my ten years in development cooperation, I have learned how big of an impact can be made, even with the smallest means. Therefore, we take special care to ensure that every cent of your donation reaches the project you decide to support. We employ only local staff and continuously develop the local expertise of our organization by supporting our employees through university scholarships and further education. From the very beginning of each project, we consult the community and ensure their holistic participation, which results in the acceptance and success of our projects.

In addition to a high level of trust in our project team, an external auditor, regular project visits and continuous project reporting ensure transparency in Kenya. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, our work is audited annually by the ministry of finance through external auditors.

You want to change something? Let us start today!

Thank You for making us Smile – Together we can make Dreams come true