In the initial phase of the Corona crisis, Michaela asked herself how she could help people in Kenya, with her self-sewn, high-quality masks. In the end, one sold mask in Vienna turned into an aid package with soap, information material and masks for a whole family in Kenya.

We are healthy, we have time – let’s do something with it

“If Covid-19 gets to Kenya, then what? To experience an epidemic, however severe, in Austria is a privilege.” – This thought has stuck with Michaela, a longtime dedicated volunteer. Due to the lockdown and the obligation to wear masks, there was both an unexpected amount of free time available and a need for masks – it had to be used. Since Michaela had already sewn several masks for the protection of her family, an easily multipliable pattern was already in place. To make the production as efficient as possible, she needed support. Martina, a befriended dressmaker, was immediately on board. But apart from production, the marketing, online shop, packaging and delivery still had to be up and running. So within three days, one woman’s idea turned into a project-team with seven motivated members.

Honestly sustainable success

For Michaela, sustainability is essential in everything she does, every step of the way. Only the rubber bands and about ten percent of the fabrics were bought new. Apart from that, everything else that met the state-established cotton standard was cut up and sewn to masks. Donated bedclothes, beautiful old shirts, dresses that were no longer worn and fabrics that are in the cupboards of every seamstress and have never been used.

Orders from Vienna were delivered by bicycle by two sporty friends. They were packed with recycled materials and the remains of the mask fabrics.

The effort of the team was definitely worth it. After one month of cutting, ironing, sewing, photographing, packaging and shipping, the project was concluded with € 2.550,- for the Corona aid campaign of Make me Smile Kenya.

Added value for all of us

“This project has bonded us even closer as friends and made us all realize how fulfilling and easy it can be to do something for others.” 

If you too can think of something to generate donations and have fun whilst doing it – put it into action. Tell us about your idea or give us a call. Help us to help!