Dr. Lill landed in Kisumu and here you can find a selection of photos of her holding dental hygiene workshops in different schools. Also, she and her colleague Dominic Hofer distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to the children.


We are still in need of support in order to treat everybody in the best possible way.
Please support our dental camps so we can make people smile again 🙂

Our (dental) problems

Many of the residents of Kolwa East, Kisumu, do not have insurance that covers dental treatment. Due to the high cost of treatment and low income, many people have become resigned to tooth decay and dead teeth.

The consequences are widespread. Starting with reduced job opportunities, untreated teeth can lead to diseases that affect the whole body and, in the worst cases, can even be fatal.

To combat this, we will be holding free medical-dental camps again this year in October 2021.

Last year we were unfortunately unable to offer the camps due to Corona.

It costs two euros to provide treatment for one person!

Our Dental Camps

Dr. Elisabeth Lill from Munich and her colleagues are coming to Kenya again this year to address dental problems.

The dental camp will be held this year in October, probably in the regions of Orongo, Angola, and Gita in Kisumu.

In 2019, we were able to treat over 400 patients, educate over 1,000 children and distribute around 1,200 toothbrushes and -pastes. This year, we will expand the program regionally to reach even more people.

Prevention instead of reaction

Dr. Lill and her colleagues hold workshops on dental hygiene at various schools in our project region. The workshops aim to prevent future dental problems of the children. The aim is for the children to act as multipliers and share the knowledge with their families and friends. The children are shown how to take care of their teeth properly and all receive a toothbrush and toothpaste.  In addition to posters, social media and radio, the workshops will help us mobilise more patients.

Please help us make this year’s camp a success. With a donation of two euros, you can make dental treatment possible.

Even with a small donation, you can give us a big smile!

1 treatment = 2 euros
5 treatments = 10 Euro
10 treatments = 20 Euro