We collaborated with Community Media Trust (CoMeT), to identify 45 vulnerable girls and young women to join the DREAMS challenge. CoMeT implements the project and supports the girls in creating relevant, community-friendly media. This media intend to entertain, educate and inspire communities to achieve knowledge about behavioral and social impact focusing on Democracy, Human Rights and Health issues with special emphasis on sidelined voices of youth, women and girls and people with disabilities living in informal urban settlements and rural and remote communities of Kenya. Through MMS-Kenya Coordinator Brenda Onyango more than 100 girls and young women were identified and thereafter interviewed and selected to join the program.

The Media & ICT Training will seek to impart filmmaking, photography, ICT and entrepreneurship skills to Adolescent Girls and Young Women from 6 communities in Nairobi and Kisumu. They will not only make short films to educate other AGYW on the dangers of HIV infection, but will also promote and demystify entrepreneurship as a strategy for reducing their vulnerability. Additionally, the AGYW will receive “seed equipment” to initiate media and ICT-based income generating activities in their communities. We are happy to be part of this project and the collaboration, we wish our girls and young women the best of luck.