Our Kenyan FICE/Make Me Smile Team joined other FICE Africa Members, coming together in Johannesburg, South Africa to work on the new objectives of the network, addressing the urgent issues that are facing the continent over the next generations. Although only four member Countries were represented (South Africa, Zambia, Lesotho and Kenya), together, the team managed to ellaborate a comprehensive strategy to improve the quality of Child and Youth Care work-, Standards and Policy across Africa. Moreover, the resoution was made that each one shall bring one new member country to join the network.
Furthermore, in response to the frightening demographic changes the continent is experiencing, clearly portrayed in the UNICEF report “Generation 2030 Africa”, it was agreed to develop a strong focus on Reproductive Health Education for Youths and young Adults, through training Child and Youth Care Workers in this field.
successful meeting was followed by an inspirational visit to a very active Safe Park in Freedom Park, Johannesburg, leaving many children and all members with a lasting smile!