“We help the people to help themselves, because we believe in everybody’s potential” is the slogan which is best to explain what we have achieved this year in our Craft Centre.

In total we recruited and trained a total number of 71 adolescent girls and young women to become self sufficient seamstresses. 15 of the girls dropped out for different reasons, but we are working hard to get them back on track.

The graduates

In the spring of 2021, 13 girls graduated in their own gowns. They finished a six months training and were sent into the business world with a startup package, and full of knowledge and skills. 3 of the graduates are now working at the Craft Centre, two got jobs in the city in big textile companies and the others started their own businesses in the region. Whenever there is a big order coming in, the Craft Centre staff calls back the graduates in order to help with the workload. And we are getting a lot of orders 🙂


NITA is the National Industrial Training Authority institution that offers different courses in Kenya. One of them is tailoring and 4 of our girls took the official government exam and successfully passed it. Congratulations!

The ten o’clock porridge

The children of the young women are always welcome at our Craft Centre. A lot of the girls though cannot afford to have breakfast in the morning or simply do not have the time. We introduced the ten o’clock porridge, so that the children would have a full stomach and the young women could work in peace.

Production and sustainability

The Craft Centre is doing better than ever before. Not only have we received numerous orders for school uniforms, clothes and sanitary towels we have also started a collaboration with the DREAMS project. This enables us to share costs and help even more young women get qualitative vocational training.

You can find numerous products of our Craft Centre on our website.

Thank you to all our donors and supporters who have made this possible until now.