Make Me Smile recently completed the construction of its first computer training centre at our Mayenya Community Centre. Our Make Me Smile Future Hub began as a pilot project teaching computer skills to the youth in the community.

We realized that the youth required information technology training with the world continuously evolving. With this training, the students will have basic computer handling and elementary computer literacy to enable them to get better jobs in the city offices and address the need for learning opportunities.

The story behind

In spring 2021 Crazy Andy (he likes to be called that way) from Ireland initiated this wonderful project. Not only has he arranged all the laptops, but he has also put an incredible amount of time and energy into drafting the training curriculum, setting up the website and training our facilitators.
Thank you Andy for all your work and continuous support.

The training

The training will be conducted by two trainers, Don and Mollent who have been taken through intense training and are equipped to be able to take the students through all their classes.

The centre, which began operating in April 2022, will be enrolling 36 students to be trained every 2 months. Currently, we are teaching 36 students, both young boys and girls, in classes of 2-hour blocks, three times a day every Monday to Thursday. The first group of students is already learning computer skills and we are anticipating a higher number of students being admitted for the training with time.

The hub envisions a space where the enrolled students become proficient in computer skills in today’s world that is driven by technological progress. The training is essential since it will provide them with the much-needed foundation to excel in their future careers.

Voices of the students

Caroline: ‘I heard about the computer training and since I’m passionate about computers I applied and got a chance. I was so amazed about the class and also using laptops because I’ve only seen a desktop before, I want to learn more and be a graphic designer.’

Linet: ‘I did not know how to open a laptop before but now I do. I’m really enjoying the classes.’

Dickens: ‘I never expected that everyone would have their own laptop, I’m so happy and excited to learn. Thank you Make Me Smile.’