The corona virus is on its rise on the African continent. In our daily work we particularly care for vulnerable Communities (chronically ill, affected by poverty, HIV and other immune system weakening diseases). The weakened immune system makes them particularly susceptible to a severe course of the virus. Since many have no health insurance and there are far too few intensive care beds, it is particularly important to prevent infections.

Hygiene is particularly necessary

Now, especially hand washing is important. Our top priority is to give soap to those who cannot afford it themselves. Face masks protect others from an infection and are produced in our Craft Centre. In addition, we inform with flyers and posters about the virus and which behaviours can limit the spread.
Please help us with a donation so that we can become active as long as there are no curfews.

A hygiene package for a family of five costs 7,50 Euro. The package includes four kilos of soap, three washable cotton face masks and illustrated information material. With a donation of 75 Euro you help 10 families to reduce the risk of infection.

100% of your donation will be used for soap and printing costs.

Thanks for your support!

Donation account:
Make Me Smile Kenya
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Update 19th May:
2.309 families served

Soap is a luxury for many families in Kenya. But especially now soap can save lives. During the last days, our team reached hundreds of new families and provided them with hygiene packages.
Every family received four kilos of soap, information material about the virus in the local language Luo and three face masks.
In addition to the distribution campaign, our team informed the families about dangers and prevention strategies, but also gave advice on other matters.
In the coming days our motivated team will be on tour again in the communities. Sincere thanks to all our donors who have supported this project so quickly and generously to date.
There still are many families, who cannot affort to buy soap and face masks themselves. Please help us with a donation and forward our fundraiser to friends and acquaintances.

Update 23rd April:
Our brave women defy the flood to sew face masks

Our project region is still flooded. But that is not holding back our mighty tailors from their important task. Thanks to your donation they are sewing washable face masks for their community.
Three masks each are distributed to families together with four kilos of soap and illustrated information material. The hygiene packages are given to families after they have attended our workshop on the corona virus.
A hygiene package costs 7.50 Euro. Please help us to reduce the risk of infection. Especially now, worldwide solidarity is important!

Update 15th April: 1169 families provided

A Big Thank You for your support!

During the past two weeks, our team organized distribution campaigns at nine locations and reached 1.169 households – that is about 4.676 people! In addition to distributing the hygiene packages, our team provided information about the virus, which behaviour helps to prevent an infection and clarified the widespread misinformations.

Your support was uncomplicated and fast. For this we would like to sincerely thank you.

An end to the crisis is unfortunately not yet in sight and there are still many families whom we have to care for. We therefore kindly ask you for your further support, for instance by inviting your friends to our fundraiser and, if you have not already done so, to donate. Every small amount helps and makes an impact!

Update 8th April :
Improved Hygiene Package

In addition to the soap and information material, we also distribute washable cotton face masks. Cindy, our Swiss master tailor, is remaining with us in Kenya despite the crisis. Together with her tailoring apprentices she produces reusable face masks that protect others from an infection.
The new hygiene package costs 7,50 Euro for a family (about five persons).
Included are about four kilos of soap, illustrated information material in the local language Luo and three face masks.


Update 6th April (2):
Flood victims during the Corona crisis

The homes of 200 people have been destroyed by a flood. They now live in a primary school in a very confined space. Our project manager, Simon Peter Otieno, explains the current situation in an alarming report.
In addition to the hygiene packages, we provided the families with food, as they were completely on their own until we arrived. But our current support is not enough. That is why we have decided to do more for these people who have been brought into these worst conditions through no fault of their own.


Update 6th April (1):
707 families provided with hygiene packages

Dear friends of Make Me Smile

Although the corona virus also spreads on your own doorstep, many of you did not forget about our families in Kenya. Many thanks to all donors! Because of your help, we have already been able to provide 707 families (2828 people) with hygiene and information packages during the past few days.

First we take care of risk groups

Our team is currently especially taking care of families with immune system diseases (e.g. affected by HIV) or very old family members. The people in these risk groups are particularly likely to have a severe course of the disease as a result of infection.

200 community members, whose houses have been flooded since two weeks, are accommodated in a primary school. In this article Simon, our project manager, describes the dramatic situation and our first aid efforts.

Big rush and well-ordered procedure during the first phase of distribution

One family member at a time is invited to the distribution initiative. Once they have arrived, the people take a seat on the chairs that have been prearranged at a safe distance. First of all, our family care workers provide information about the virus and also clarify circulating misinformation. Then we demonstrate how the soap must be used to eliminate all germs. Finally, the families receive a hygiene and information package each with enough soap for about one month and information material in the local language Luo.

Thank you for your support