The Solar Project goes into the first round!
The beginning of 2024 marked the start of a new project at Make Me Smile in collaboration with the URBIS Foundation.
In the past weeks, we’ve started an exciting journey with 15 students—4 young men and 11 young women. They are the first to be trained in renewable energy and will make an impact on the switch to solar power in the Make Me Smile projects. Together we want to set a good example and contribute to a more sustainable world.
Solar Water Heater in Mayenyas Health Center
Our students are getting hands-on with the project by installing a solar water heater at the Mayenya Health Centre. This system, boasting a 200-liter tank, provides around 100 liters of warm water daily. The water is heated exclusively by solar energy, using the heat from a black surface. The warm water will bring a significant change, especially for the patients in the Health center, for example by making it easier to care for mothers and their newborn babies.
By involving students in the installation and maintenance processes, we empower them to manage the system independently in the long run.
Green Energy Cooking with Biogas at New Land Farm
At the same time, the installation of a Sistema 6 biogas plant started on the New Land Permaculture Farm. This system, which converts cow manure and water into methane gas, is not only environmentally friendly but also enables cooking for up to 3 hours a day.
Training for environmental sustainability
Parallel to the installation of the two systems, the team is being trained on the topic of climate change and its consequences. Although the continent of Africa is only responsible for 20% of global carbon emissions, 17 of the 20 countries in the world most affected by climate change are located in Africa.
Through education, we want to show that protecting the environment and social well-being are linked and that everyone can do their part to make a difference.