The homes of 200 people have been destroyed by a flood. The affected people now live in a primary school in a very confined space. Our project manager, Simon Peter Otieno, explains the current situation in an alarming report:

As one gets into Nyaimbo Primary School, the expectation is to meet students and teachers. In contrast, the school houses faces full of despair. Up to five families share a classroom. Each family has an average of five children. Torn sheets separate the families within the classrooms.

Hundreds of people have sought refuge in the school since two weeks.

In this school, fear of Covid-19 is not a priority. Keeping physical distance is a difficult task. If we don’t act, the situation could deteriorate severely.

Every day people gather, look at the flooded area and pray that the flood will go down. Children are innocently playing in the school field oblivious of the health risks surrounding the school environment. Buzzing of Mosquitos in this malaria infected area sounds scary but more worrying is that none of the authorities have visited this area for support.

Some of the classrooms have no doors or windows, which threatens the safety of the families. There is no electricity or lighting. In the unfamiliar living situation and because of the oppressive darkness, many children and young people are afraid. The memory of their completely destroyed houses is an additional burden for them.

As an organization we visited the school with support packages containing food, soap and information material about the corona virus. We appeal to the government, well wishers and other stakeholders to join us in bringing back the smiles to this desperate situation.

Simon Peter Otieno, Director Make Me Smile Kenya

We must not forget these people now! Please help us with a donation so we can restore hope for those who were innocently brought into this miserable situation.