Update: Community Water Station (May 2021)

We now have a water station at the Mayneya Community Centre. The pumps are solar powered and a UV filter system ensures that the people in the region have access to clean water.

Update: Planting trees on World Earth Day (April 2021)

The trees provide shade, fruit and enhance our whole Community Centre.

Updates from the construction site (April 2021)

More and more we get closer to our goal. Here you can see some photos of the ongoing construction on site.

Football in Mayenya

Tree planting in Mayenya

Through a donation to Child- and Youthcare, we can insure the ongoing operation of the Mayenya Community Centre.

Why Community Centre?

Due to the rapidly growing population, the high HIV prevalence rate and the accompanying impoverishment of the local community, there is a growing gap in child and youth services or there are no places for the children to simply play and develop their interests and talents.

At the Community Centre, we want to work together to provide holistic care for the children and their families.

Aufnahme: MŠrz 2019

Our Safe Park

We built and opened our Safe Park in 2015 with a donation from the United Nations Women’s Guild and have been able to implement many great projects and Children Clubs locally, supporting thousands of children in our project region. A Safe Park is a component of a child and youth care model from South Africa, with the aim of providing safe and supervised places for orphans and vulnerable children to learn, play and receive psychosocial support under the supervision and guidance of our Child and Youth Care Workers.

The different buildings

Over the last few years we have built our Health Centre and our Youth Friendly Centre next to it. As part of the overall project, we have also built a small canteen and a water tower. In order to be able to supply our Youth Friendly Centre with water, we have to lay a pipe under the road and install all the connections. This will enable us to prepare hot meals for the children and youth as well as provide them and the whole community with clean drinking water.

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Safe Park

2020 – A year in the pandemic

Due to the Corona pandemic, many activities were quite limited and we were not able to complete some work, including the canteen.

We also had to focus our financial resources completely on supporting the families through the crisis last year, which is why some building work could not be done.

Due to the limited use and lack of resources, the maintenance of the buildings has also suffered and some important renovation work needs to be done.

Everything is upside down. But it has to go on.

2021 – We are preparing for the final spurt

We are in the process of getting financial support at different levels to finish our last renovations. We will do some repairs, build a new roof on our canteen so that the children from Safe Park can eat in the shade in summer or in the dry during the rainy season. We will also build a fence around our park so that the children can play safely.

We are very much looking forward to making this heartfelt project a reality this year and are grateful for any support!

For the purpose of the donation, please select Child and Youth Welfare by Strengthening Families.

As always, your donation is tax deductible.