On the 24th and 25th April 2021, we will hold our first Make Me Smile Virtual Charity Run.
The aim is to raise funds for our work in Kenya and to create awareness for sustainable development work.
Join us and help us fulfil our mission!

What is the MMS Global Run?

The weekend of the 24th and 25th April, people around the world will (hopefully) run for Make Me Smile Kenya.
The run will take place virtually. This means that there is no set route or city where the run will take place.
So everyone can choose where, when and with whom they want to take part in the run over the weekend.

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Why do we do it this way?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that the best way to plan such events is online :). Of course, we would rather organise a huge live running event together with all of you, but unfortunately we just don’t have the resources (and the experience… but that will come!) at the moment.

We also want to find out how many cities and countries will be running.

The run will take place on two days, so that everyone is free to organise it and we are more flexible in case the weather is not so spring-like on one day.

How will the whole thing take place?

Through our Facebook event, you can get together with other runners to plan the run in your city or club. You can also plan the whole thing as a teambuilding event and motivate your colleagues for the run.

If you want to run with us, just send us an email to office@makemesmile-int.org and we will send you a start form. You can attach it to your running shirt with safety pins so that everyone sees what you are doing and you are not just running around :).

Of course, you can also run without the race sheet.

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The run

You run the distance you like in your city or countryside. 1km…2km…5km…10km…21km…or maybe a whole marathon?
Record the whole thing with a running app (Runtastic, Komoot, Strava…there are endless possibilities) and post a screenshot in our Facebook event or Instagram #mmsglobalrun
As ‘participation fee’ you simply donate the distance you have run (1km=1€, 42km=42€) to our donation account or whatever amount you feel like.
If it happens that you donate more than you have run, we will not disqualify you 🙂

What is important to us.

We do not yet know what conditions will be imposed on us in April due to Corona, so we ask all runners to please follow the local regulations and not run in larger groups than permitted. If the run is a success, which we are sure it will be, we will run again in October and hopefully in larger groups.

Please warm up properly and don’t overdo it! We don’t want any injuries.

Please smile and have fun 🙂
The last point is most important to us!

To keep up to date, you can either check our website or Facebook page/events regularly or sign up for the newsletter below.

We look forward to it!

Until then, keep running, and keep smiling! 🙂