Our fair arts and crafts workshop gives young women training with fair remuneration in an appreciative working relationship. Together with Cindy Walker, who supports us on behalf of the Swiss organisation COMUNDO, we create jobs and support social projects in the region with the profits from the project.

Good for women – Good for the community

With this project, we give women the chance to get an education and a fairly paid job. A stable source of income gives the women security. Decisions are taken together, which strengthens the team spirit. The women regularly discuss the future of the craft centre. After all the running costs have been deducted, they also have to decide what to do with the profits. This is invested in the villages from where the women come from. The women decide for themselves which projects they want to support in the areas of health, women’s equality, education or others.

In addition to the wages and the the particpatory aspect of tge centr, the women also benefit from the projects that have been implemented with their help. We hope to develop an even better understanding for the problems of the village community.

Ausbildung schafft Chancen

Besonders junge Frauen wollen wir ermutigen eine Ausbildung zu ergreifen. Unsere Werkstatt arbeitet mit dem DREAMS-Projekt zusammen und bildet in regelmäßigen Abständen junge Frauen zu SchneiderInnen aus. Die besten TeilnehmerInnen versuchen wir, nach Möglichkeit, die Chance auf eine komplette Ausbildung inklusive Anstellung zu geben.

A project that lasts

In order to support women sustainably, a functioning business model is indispensable.The craft centre is located in our Mayenya Community Centre. After product development and the introduction of quality standards, we will first test our products at local markets. Afterwards, we plan to convince the retail trade of our products. In parallel, the products will also be available in Europe via our online shop.

The Swiss organisation COMUNDO is involved in personnel development cooperation. It sends experts to the countries of the South to work with local partner organisations. COMUNDO supports us by financing a specialist. Cindy is Swiss and has been working in development cooperation for many years. She will use her extensive knowledge of quality management and business development to help the women build up a functioning business. After three years, Cindy will hand over the management of the project to a successor chosen by the staff.


Besonders Frauen haben es häufig schwer auf dem Arbeitsmarkt in Kenia. Frauen kümmern sich meist um die Kinder und den Haushalt, was sie daran hindert eine Berufsausbildung abzuschließen. Ausbildungsplätze sind gefragt und rar. Ohne Qualifikation gestaltet sich die Jobsuche sehr schwierig, sodass Viele arbeitssuchend sind oder sich gezwungen sehen schlecht entlohnte, harte Arbeit anzunehmen.

Cindy Walker is a Swiss master tailor from the organisation COMUNDO who accompanies the project with her expertise on site.

Please support us in making these trainings possible for even more women soon

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Sincere thanks go to the organisation COMUNDO