Karin Scheibenpflug (AT)

I had a lot of memorable moments! Every smile, every hug and every thank you was special and touched my heart in a way I can’t describe! It was great when Whitney (one of the girls Make Me Smile Kenya helps) was at our home, we ate Austrian food (Austrian noodle soup and Austrian pancakes) and she really loved it and was smiling and laughing with us! It was just a short moment but it approved my work to be right!

In contrast there have been a lot of challenging moments too. The different culture and customs often lead to misunderstandings between the natives and us! Secondly it was hard to see the poverty among the population, which also affects the smallest ones – the children! But otherwise it was great to see that they really seem to be happy without all that unnecessary stuff Austrian kids need to play with their friends! They are much more creative. ☺

Almost one year passed since I have been to Kenya and retrospective I can absolutely recommend that experience! It changed my way of thinking and my perspective of life! I already miss the MMS Kenya team and all the people I met there especially the kids! It feels like I’m a bit homesick. ☺