Make Me Smile – Health Centre

Our Community Health Centre-Project will be realized through the support of various siginificant cooperations. This guarantees a sustainable implementation and a successful management. The angolan Community has proven their commitment towards the project by providing Make Me Smile Kenya with a piece of land to construct a Community Health Centre. The non-profit foundation will be run by a committee of the Angola-Community. The County Government of Kisumu will provide staff and medical supply as well as covering the operating costs. Another Cooperation-Partner is the NPO „Mojo Fullscale Studio“ from Graz, who will, together with a kenyan building contractor, architects and students from the Technical University of Graz, help us to finance and build the centre. We will work closely together with kenyan experts and thereby introduce 12 young persons into different areas of architecture. Furthermore, together with our swiss friends and partners, the Bussmann Family, we are planing to install an ecological sewage treatment plant and a waste incinerator to produce renewable energy.

The insufficiency and shortage of medical services in the community has been proven through the quarterly reports of the Aphia Plus Program. Conducetd by MMS Staff with Service Tracking Forms, health resulted to be a priority need in this community. The recent free medical camp organized by MMS-Kenya, which was attended by over 1500 patients is also an indication that health service provision is a challenge in this community. An interview with some of the people who attended the medical camp pointed that the health facility is located far from their homes. They are foreced to walk long distances and thereby forfeiting the services leading to delayed medical attention and sometimes even to deaths. Beside general medical services and support, the Angola Community Health Centre is going to provide consultation in family planning, reproductive health, HIV/Aids, hygiene and health awareness. It will be a place for everyone – where one can loose the fear of talking about oneself – whether about his body or his feelings about his illness or anything else.
The construction of the project is divided into four phases. The second one already started:
1. Fundation Works
2. Walling and Roofing
3. Placement of windows and doors; rainwater tank, etc.
4. Finishing: plumbing- and electrical-work, painting etc.

The amounts of the funding bars correspond to the budget of the first 2 phases (Fundation Works, Walling and Roofing).