In 2013 Make Me Smile Kenya acquired a piece of land in Kajulu, Kisumu and initiated an organic farming project. Our ‘New-Land-Team’, the Team Rarudi, fertilized the soil with cow dung and planted pulses (Beans, Green grams and Ground nuts) to boost the soil with nitrogen. Swedish students from Chalmers University helped us to plant 80 banana- and 30 mango-, orange- and avocado-, as well as more than 50 moringa trees. Furthermore they even built a toilet, shower and washing station, connected with an ecological waste water management system and a workshop-area for children, youths and adults. The land has become a flagship project, which involved the entire neighborhood.

But this is not the end of the story – the Team Rarudi continues. Their goal is to become independet and self sustainable! 🙂 The members want to build an organic tree nursery with fruit and timber trees to plant on the land and sell. In addition, their bee hive project will support them in moving towards financial sustainability and will enhance the framework of afforestation.

Make Me Smile Kenya supported the Team Rarudi with a microcredit of 920 Euro to realize their ideas. As soon as they stand on their own feet they will start to pay the borrowed money back and pass their acquired knowledge on to other groups and members in the community. We need your help to support even more groups with similar ideas 🙂