Between March and May the people of Kenya face one of the most difficult times of the year – the rainy season. During the rainy season many houses in our project region are destroyed. Often the walls are made of clay and the roofs of straw. These materials are often not able to withstand the severe storms. After the rainy seasons, many families lack the necessary resources to rebuild their houses respectively to protect them preventively against storms.
In order to protect the hard-earned possessions and especially the families, we help them to rebuild their houses.

For 250€ we can give a home to a family

The new houses have a long-lasting corrugated iron roof, which can withstand heavy rainfall and protects the underlying walls and the family. For the reconstruction we work together with all people involved: We provide building materials for the roof and door as well as a “Fundi” (skilled worker). The families organise the wood and other volunteers in addition to their manpower. Our international volunteers are also happy to help with this project.

Together we are stronger!
So far we have been able to support 118 families in rebuilding their homes! In this way, the families get a firm and weatherproof roof over their heads and can be together without worries throughout the rainy season.

You can give a family a safe home

For 250€ you enable the construction of a whole house.
Of course, we are also happy about smaller donations.