Mercy Atieno Odoyo is a 30 years old mother of two boys and an incredibly strong woman. In her mid-twenties, after suffering from abuse by her husband, she decided to build a new life with her two sons by herself. She continued her education and went back to complete primary school. Beside her responsibilities of being a mother, she now also had to take the challenges of being a student.
During the day she went to school, was keeping the house, being a mother for her sons. After they went to bed, she started to do her homework.
In spite of all her challenges Mercy graduated school. With our support, she started to study teaching at Maseno University, Kisumu.
These Days, this inspiring woman is even helping Make Me Smile Kenya. She is telling her livestory to the listeners at the Children Club to raise awareness.
Help this strong woman to fulfil her dream to stand on her own feet!

In the following lines you can read the life story of this extraordinary woman – written by herself.

“My name is Mercy Atieno Odoyo, the second born daughther to the late Mr. and Mrs. Ayub Odoyo.
I was born on the 7th April 1984. I did my party childhood education at St. Anne’s Nursery and Primary School Ahero. I later joined the Primary Level in the same institution – up to class seven in 1997 when my dad passed on, after my mum in 1986.
My aunt ( a sister to my dad) promised to pay my school fees to enable me complete my education and achieve my dreams, but my dreams were shattered as she changed her mind and made me her housegirl. Things did not more on between us after I realized that she was not willing to take me to school, therefore, I decided to go back to my grandmum (dad’s mother) where I resolved to take tailoring course.
Life became very difficult as my granny could not afford to pay may fees to the full course. I started doing petty jobs like working on people’s farms to raise the remaining amount in vain.
I later got married in 2001 hoping to get happiness but I found it rough due to domestic violence which was severe and I had no option but to quit the marriage in 2008 after having two handsome boys.
I thought of education and decided to give myself another chance. I went to Kaloleni Adult Education Centre and did my KCPE. I later joined Lions High School Kisumu in 2010 – 2013 after sitting my KCSE.
Though I had challenges as I could only rely on handouts from friends and well wishes and also do laundry on weekends and holidays which was very tedious and hardly leaves me with enough time to do my assignments, I am still confessed that I did my best in the final exams and have high hopes of getting better grade to enable me to my dream career (Nursing).
I want to sincerely thank the MAKE ME SMILE PROJECT as they came in and supported me fully especially in my final year in High School, as I could not be sent home for fees.
May you continue with the same spirit and extend your help to other people. Thank you.
May God bless you more abundantly.
Yours Sincerely
Mercy Atieno Odoyo”