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    Religion and tradition are very important subjects in Kenya. It is nearly impossible for teenagers or adolescents to talk openly or ask about sexuality and contraception. Therefore, there is a big gap of knowledge in this area which over time continuously grows into a big problem in every teenager’s life. Contraceptives are taboo and even if some manage to access them, the stigmatization and misconceptions within the community are so severe that many are quick to drop the idea of contraception again.

    A sympathetic ear and anonymous access to contraceptives

    Our solution:  Provide teenagers and adolescents with Information and answer their questions, in order to give them the foundation for making up their own mind about contraception. If they desire, provide them with the chance to access contraceptives anonymously and free of charge.

    We are opening two “Youth Friendly Centres”, one in “Chiga” and one in “Kawese”. They provide a meeting point for young adults and teenagers – similarly to Youth-Centres – and their doors are open 5 days a week. A friendly and well-trained staff-member will take care of all the questions and issues that are on the kids’ minds and reaches out to them with educational games, information material and other interesting activities. A permanently employed nurse will additionally support teenagers with counselling on reproductive- and other health issues and, on request, prescribe them contraceptives free of charge and anonymously. This allows teenagers to receive genuine information about subjects that are taboo and empowers them to make informed and self-determined decisions about their lives.

    Please help us to make this great project happen by investing in future generations. Every donation helps us and could lead to a big change.

    The costs of this project include the running of these centres for 3 years, including trainings, employment of nurses and youth friendly centre staff, purchase of contraceptives etc. and is part of our three-year Reproductive Health and Gender Equality Program, co-funded by the Austrian Development Agency.

    The ADC Co-Funding (Austrian Development Agency) is 36,53 per cent.