Religion and tradition are very important issues in Kenya. It is almost impossible for young people to talk openly with adults about topics such as sexuality and contraception. This leads to a knowledge gap that can become a major problem as they get older. Contraceptives are seen as taboo – even if there is a desire for them, young people see themselves at the mercy of stigmatisation from their community and therefore often quickly discard them.

An open ear and anonymous access to contraceptives

Our solution: Provide the young people with information, answer their questions, so that they have a basis for forming their own opinion on the subject of contraception. If there is a desire – give them the chance to claim contraceptives anonymously and free of charge.

In Chiga and Kawese we opened two “Youth Friendly Centres”. These offer a meeting place for young people – similar to youth centres and they are open five days a week. A trained staff member takes care of the young people’s questions and keeps them busy with educational games, information material and many other activities. A permanent nurse is also there for the young people, supporting them with reproductive health counselling and administering contraceptives on request, free of charge and anonymously. In this way, young people can take control of their own lives and receive unbiased information on taboo subjects.

Help us to make this great project possible and invest in future generations. Every amount helps and can make a big difference.

20 euros = one full year of contraception

Even a small donation can make a big difference. With 20 euros, we can give a young person access to contraception for a full year. In this way, you enable a young woman to decide for herself when or if she wants to become pregnant and start a family. Your donation is tax deductible!


The project is part of the programme “Improving the Quality of Reproductive Health and Gender Equality in Kolwa East and Miwani” and is co-financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation Agency.