We care for 13,300 children. Some of them have chronic illnesses whose treatment is not covered by our sponsors. It is our great concern to provide all our incurable children with the medical care they need.

With a sponsorship you support a chronically ill child medically

Because the parents lack the money, children with chronic diseases often do not receive medical care. With your monthly donation, you give your sponsored child new courage, renewed enjoyment of childhood and school attendance.
Our sponsored children have diseases like sickle cell anemia (the blood does not transport enough oxygen – one feels exhausted and is susceptible to infections), epilepsy, HIV or diabetes. Untreated, these diseases shorten the children’s lives dramatically.
The good news is that all these diseases can be controlled with drugs and treatments, so that the children can lead a normal and happy life.

With a sponsorship you give a gift for the future

As godfather or godmother you support a needy child in Kenya. You enable your godchild to attend school (if the illness allows this) and ensure all basic needs. Your godchild lives in a local family (either with parents, relatives or in a foster family). Our family caregivers promote the psychosocial health of your godchild and dispel prejudices associated with the disease in the villages. In this way your godchild can develop well and lead a happy life.
You also support the family and the community in which your godchild grows up. Projects based on the principle of helping people to help themselves open up economic opportunities and are intended to help families to meet the needs of their children themselves in the near future.


Personal sponsorship for 45 € per month

  • You know which child you support
  •  2-3 times per year you will receive news from your godchild (certificate, letter, picture and/or photo)*

Your godchild would be very happy if you exchange letters from time to time and build up a pen friendship. You are welcome to visit your godchild in Kisumu together with our team! Caribou sana!

*Depending on the illness of the child, letters or school visits are not always possible

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