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    Updated August 2018,

    The Safe Park is a safe playground for children in need, where they can feel like children and are treated as such. The park offers kids a safe environment, to play and enjoy their time, maintained by a very friendly and qualified staff. Children receive thus the chance to open up, to share challenges with others, to integrate with them and discover their strengths as well as learn about their own rights. Moreover, the solidarity of the communities is improved by the participation of families at the Safe Park.

    Children playing in the safe park

    Diminishing symptoms of trauma

    Unfortunately, many kids have experienced various types of maltreatment and abuse that had, and still has big impact on them. With our first permanent Safe Park, we help these kids by providing a therapeutic environment as well as social support to reduce symptoms of trauma.

    Useful knowledge about body, health and much more

    Another very important component of our Safe Park is to build awareness about HIV, prevention, family planning, health, hygiene, ecological cultivation methods as well as other relevant topics for children, teenagers and their parents.

    Safe Park 2

    Mobile Safe Park: Children Clubs

    In April 2015, Make Me Smile Kenya has organized the first Children Club. Since then, we arrange Children Clubs, repeatedly during the year at different places, to grant children, who live far away on the country side, psychological and moral support as well as to give them a day full of fun and joy.


    Our Safe Park is growing

    The next step is now, to arrange a care centre for children and teenagers, on the ground of our Safe Park. A hall will help children, to escape bad weather or strong sunshine and a library with a computer room will offer them enough space to study and do their homework. There will be also a Youth Friendly Centre, that will inform children about their rights and give enough objective knowledge about sexuality, women`s rights and grant access to free contraceptives when needed.


    On the long-term, we want to raise awareness to children- and young adults- welfare as well as offer psychosocial support. Children and teenagers grow up in a lifting environment, where they can discover their talents and get support, resulting in a better future. Safe Parks and Children Clubs help creating new job opportunities for Family-supporters and enables them to stand on their own feet and supply their families.
    We thank the organizations FICE International, Austria, South-Africa and Kenya for the successful cooperation and implementation of Ideas to reach our goal.

    Please help us to sustain this important and foremost safe place for the children. Every support is being contributed to a 100% in our Projects. Administrative costs are covered by specific donations. Please support our project to make our children smile. Your donation is tax deductible.

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