Safe Park

Our Safe Park is a safe place for vulnerable children, where they can finally feel like a child. The park offers children a protected environment with qualified and friendly staff, where time and space for playing is provided. The children have the opportunity to open up, share challenges, interact and learn from each other, discover their talents and get to know their rights as a child. In addition, the participation of individual families in the Safe Park is intended to strengthen the solidarity of the entire community.

Kids have the right to play

Spielen ist für die Entwicklung von Kindern sehr wichtig. Beim Spielen entwickeln die Kinder ihre Identität und Persönlichkeit. Sie lernenen, ihre Fähigkeiten zu erkennen und Probleme zu lösen. Besonders die soziale Kompetenz wird durch Zusammenarbeit, Zuhören und das Aushandeln von Regeln gestärkt.
Viele Kinder in Kenia haben zu wenig Zeit und kaum Mäglichkeiten zum Spielen, da sie Zuhause Aufgaben erfüllen müssen und lange Schulwege keine Zeit dazu lassen. Unser Safe Park bietet Kindern die Möglichkeit aus ihrem Alltag zu entfliehen und Kind zu sein.

Our Safe Park reduces trauma symptoms and causes

Unfortunately, many children experience abuse, neglect and other traumatic experiences. Our Safe Park creates a therapeutic environment that encourages children to talk freely and openly about these issues with trained caregivers. In order to improve the situation of the children in need, our team involves the child’s family in the solution process and thus counteracts the causes.

and useful knowledge about body, health and much more.

An additional important aspect of the Safe Park is to inform children, young people and their parents about HIV/AIDS prevention, family planning, contraception, health, hygiene, ecological cultivation methods and other relevant topics and to raise awareness.

Safe Park 2

Children Clubs – Mobile version of the Safe Park

In April 2015, Make Me Smile Kenya organized the first Children Club. Since then, we have regularly organized Children Clubs in remote areas to give rural children also the opportunity to receive psychosocial support and a day of joy.


The long-term aim is to raise awareness of child and youth welfare and psychosocial support. Children and adolescents grow up in a supportive environment, whereby their talents are discovered and supported, thus creating opportunities for a better future. The running of Safe Park and Children Clubs creates new jobs for family carers, helping them to stand on their own two feet and take care of their families. We would like to thank FICE International-, Austria-, South Africa-, and Kenya for their successful cooperation in achieving these goals.

Please help us to develop and maintain this important and safe place for children!

Please help us to develop and maintain this important and safe place for children! Every support is 100% beneficial to the project. Administrative costs are covered by specific donations. Please support the project and give a smile to our children. Your donation is tax deductible!

Many thanks to the United Nations Women’s Guild for their support