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    Project Goal:
    Institutional and communal capacities in reproductive health care and gender equality in the project region (Kolwa East and Miwani, Kisumu County in western Kenya) will be strengthened. Through knowledge transmission, gender equality will be promoted and families will be enabled to take self-determined decisions according to family planning.

    Reproductive Health Training

    Expected Results:
    1.) Capacities in reproductive health care and gender equality of relevant stakeholders and
    institutions have been strengthened.
    2.) The Access to reproductive health care services and service providers, to which women affected by gender based violence can turn to, has been improved.
    3.) The capacities of the direct target groups to take adequate decisions regarding reproductive health and gender equality have been strengthened

    Equation of Life

    Target Groups:
    The project appeals to the following target groups: Students, pupils, women and men. In total 24.500 persons will be reached directly: 4.000 pupils, 3.000 students, 10.000 women and 7.500 men. Indirectly, additional target groups, also outside the project region will benefit from the program through monthly radio shows (several million listeners) and an information website

    Participatory Educative Theatre

    Trainings and further education for “Rain Workers” and “Rain Worker Supervisors”; Engagement of “Community Health Extension Workers” (CHEW); Establishing a database about reproductive health care by “Data Clerks”; Trainings and further education of “Peer Educators” and teachers about reproductive health and gender equality; Participatory Educative Theatre performances at schools; Establishing “Youth Friendly Centers” in existing health facilities; Trainings and refresher courses for nurses and “Community Health Volunteers”; Establishing “Sexual Gender Based Violence (SBGBV) Help Desks” in health facilities; Trainings of “Community Leaders” to “SGBV-Paralegals”; Training of “Male Champions” about reproductive health and gender based violence; Collaboration with selected local religious leaders, who raise awareness about the subjects in churches; Production and broadcasting of national radio shows about reproductive health and gender equality, Establishing an information website about reproductive health and gender equality.

    Auffrischungskurs für Rain Worker

    Background Information:
    Kisumu is located in western Kenya with a population of about one million inhabitants. The region, where Make Me Smile operates, is inhabited by a population of about 40.000 people. Most of the people make their living with fishing, farming of cash crops, staple food and livestock as well as trade. These sectors are highly weather-dependent. Additionally, Lake Victoria suffers from overfishing. The birth rate of 4,4 children per women indicates an immense growth of the young population in the region. A baseline study, carried out by Make Me Smile Kenya in 2016, ascertains, that 44 % of adults use no contraception at all, 51 % of men do not accept the use of contraception by their partner. And that within eight months, 286 abortions were conducted. Due to the low income in the region it is barely achievable for families to pay school fees and provide primary care.

    Make me smile Kenya; Aufnahme MŠrz 2017Project Duration: Three years (September 2017 – September 2020)

    The ADC Co-Funding (Austrian Development Agency) is 36,53 per cent.