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    Women’s rights and reproductive health are analyzed and staged through musical and theatrical performances that are aired in national radio broadcasts.

    The Radio counts as a highly popular medium in Kenya. Mostly in rural areas, Television sets are less likely to be found in households because they are more expensive and many houses do not have access to a cable connection or electricity. Yet almost every household has a battery powered Radio and since also many public transportations are playing radio stations very loudly on a regular basis, it is the best channel to reach many people. This is what we take to our advantage!

    Informative Radio broadcasts – please don’t be boring

    Over the next three years, we are organizing radio shows, once a month with important messages about Gender equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The shows are initiated by the local theatre group “Laser Arts Ensemble”. The group is producing humoristic radio plays about serious subjects, specifically for this show, and thereby reduces their explosive nature. Afterwards people can call-in anonymously and talk with our trained Experts about these subjects. This is effective because people are getting advices about topics that would otherwise be taboo. Of course, it wouldn’t be a radio show without any music. Therefore, Wanda, our Columbian doctor and trainer in reproductive health, her musically talented son Jeronimo and the theatre group created a song that builds up on the themes of the radio show and certainly is catchy. Take a listen yourselves:

    Help us to implement the radio sessions and reach even more people with this important message!

    This project is part of our three-year Reproductive Health Program that will run from September 2017 – September 2020

    Read more about the entire Program in Reproductive Health and Gender Equality.
    The ADC Co-Funding (Austrian Development Agency) is 36,53 per cent.