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Child- and Youth care

We are committed to the well-being and positive development of children. We assess the state of education, physical & mental health, compliance with children’s rights, housing, nutrition and the financial situation of families on a regular basis. Based on our findings, we provide support according to individual needs. Our goal is to create independent households that can meet the needs of their children, even beyond their childhood (studies etc.).


A healthy society increases the chance of a better future. We built a health centre with a maternity ward and a focus on mother-child health, family planning and HIV prevention. In addition, we are organising mobile medical camps so that even more people in rural areas can be treated. In Youth Friendly Centres our team provides objective information on sexuality, contraception, women’s & children’s rights and makes contraceptives available anonymously and free of charge.

Gender Equality

We create awareness of gender equality and combat violence against women and children. In order to create a long-term change in thinking, we also involve men, religious leaders, young people and children in the debate. In addition to education, we provide access to information, personal counselling and contraceptives for more than 24,500 people. To prevent violence against women, we created five help desks in health centres. Our team of trained nurses and legal advisors takes care of the women and helps them to achieve justice.

Economic Empowerment

600 members of village saving and loaning clubs have access to microcredits and receive interest on their savings. Families receive support, for example in the form of seeds, livestock and economic trainings. Young women can learn about various professions at career days. In addition, we arrange vocational trainings for them. Our craft centre gives young women a stable working environment and access to apprenticeships.
  • Safe Park

    Our Safe Park is a safe place for vulnerable children, where they can finally feel like a child. The park offers children a protected environment with qualified and friendly staff, where time and space for playing and learning is provided.

  • Small Happy Families

    Equal rights and family planning create sustainable change.

  • AIDS Support Group

    This group was formed in the year 2006 by a group of people who were infected and affected by the scourge and faced a lot of discrimination and stigmatization from the fellow community members.

  • Flood in Kisumu - Help, which arrives

    Aid packages will be delivered during this weekend, but we have not yet reached our goal

  • New Land

    In 2013 Make Me Smile Kenya acquired a piece of land in Kajulu, Kisumu and initiated an organic farming project.

  • Mercy Atieno Odoyo

    Mercy Atieno Odoyo is 30 years old, a mother of two boys and an incredibly strong woman. In her mid-twenties she decided to continue her education and started to go to school again.

  • Participatory Educative Theatre

    A theatre group tours through schools and villages to introduce the themes of HIV, early pregnancy and women’s rights

  • Radio shows

    Women's rights and matters of reproductive health are staged in an exciting way and broadcasted on national radio programmes.

  • Maxwell Mathew Mbola

    Maxwell is in his last one and a half years of school. His dream is to study either medicine or biochemistry.

  • Children Clubs

    Psychosocial support for children in the remote areas of Kenya

  • Make Me Smile - Health Centre

    We are building a Health Centre at Angola Community because of the insufficiency and shortage of medical services in the community.

  • The Danube School supports Waluka and Miwani

    The Austrian school supports two Kenyan schools with a daily lunch program

  • Mollyn Wanjiku and Clinton Ochieng

    Mollyn is a 20 year old girl and has a two years old son. Mollyn is paralyzed from the waist down and also her son was born with very weak legs.

  • Miwani - Medical Support

    Apart from educational support and our lunchprograme in Miwani we also offer medical treatment to 20 OVCs in Miwani.

  • Shelter Renovation

    During the rainy season many houses in our project region are destroyed. In order to protect the hard-earned possessions and especially the families, we help them to rebuild their houses.

  • Village Savings and Loaning Clubs

    "Village Savings and Loaning" is a savings club with microcredit distribution to strength the community an to help them to stand on their own feet.

  • Miwani

    The ‘Make Me Smile’ project started off in 2009 with the founding of the ‘Miwani Childrens House’.

  • Trainings for Socialworkers and CHVs

    Experts from Kenya, Austria and Columbia led trainings about nutrition, first aid, family care, children rights, and psychosocial care.

  • Support of kenyan Widows

    The women of Chiga Good Choice combined their creativity, skills and hard work to produce beautiful art and utility objects through hand crafted work.

  • Socialworker Motivation

    Every day our Social Workers have to walk long distances to visit various vulnerable families. They are rewarded a bicycle to motivate and help them multiply the smiles.

Completed / succesful projects

  • MMS Greenhouse Miwani

    Due our Greenhouse in Miwani we support self-perservation and we get fresh and substantial meals for the Lunch Programe in Miwani.

  • Aidsfree

    Support young mothers in raising their children. From pregnancy to the third year of life.

  • DREAMS Project

    (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe women) The DREAMS Project is dedicated to empowering girls and young women between 10 and 24 years.

  • Make Me Smile Kenya Free Medical Camp

    MMS Kenya already organized three medical camps to provide free medical services.

  • Lifebook for the Youth training

    A training by “Lifebook for Youth” enables our Team to promote the self-confidence of children. Our team had a lot of fun during the training and is looking forward to sharing what they have learned with the children.

  • Nyaimbo - Adult Learning Centre