A theatre group tours through schools and villages to introduce the themes of HIV, early pregnancy and women’s rights. Through these Participatory Educative Theaters, the presentation of real life scenarios and the direct relation of the audience to them, these controversial topics and their severe consequences become much better comprehensible and thus cause a lasting change in the society.

A Young Woman with a Clear Message


The Kenyan theatre group LASER (Little Artists Seeking Eternal Recognition) Arts Ensemble was trained by Dr. Wanda Galecki along with our staff regarding reproductive health and collectively created the Participatory Educative Theatre piece called “Benter”. This play refers to common situations in the lives of (young) women and men. With the clear messages “prevention is important” and “women have a right to take self-determined decisions”, their lives are staged in an easily comprehensible and humorous depiction.

There are two versions of the stage play. One general one, which is presented on market days in various communities and another one, which is tailor-made with age appropriate content for the needs of students. Due to that, the respective audience can easily empathize the character’s situation, problems and is open for concrete recommended actions.

The event is a refreshing change from the routine of students and market visitors. Laughter and interludes are not discouraged but highly welcomed. With the leap from traditional lessons to participatory learning, we hope to contribute to a lasting change in the collective consciousness. For women and girls, the importance of their individual goals and their achievability is being clearly highlighted and promoted. Boys and men learn to recognize and respect these, even when reaching an adult age. In addition, the dangers of unprotected sexual intercourse are illustrated in terms of health and economy. All of this is communicated with the message “Children are a gift and an enrichment – yet adequate childhood development is associated with costs and challenges”.

In total, over 150 plays will take place in schools and over 120 plays in village communities over the next six years, starting in September 2017.
We can implement a play with 80 euros. A substantial amount has already been covered by funding already approved by the Austrian Development Cooperation Agency (ADA) and the province of Lower Austria. So with only 80 Euros you can make an entire performance possible and make a significant contribution to realising this urgently needed project.
The project is part of our programme: Improving the Quality of Reproductive Health and Gender Equality in Kolwa East and Miwani, which is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation Agency.

For 80 euros you enable a participatory educational theatre play

Please support the project and contribute to giving young people in our project region access to reproductive rights and gender equality. Your donation is tax deductible!