We will quickly get your fundraising campaign off the ground

We update the donation bar for your fundraising campaign every 24 hours. 100% of all collected donations go directly into the project you have chosen. All donors receive a donation receipt, so that your donation is deductible.

1 – Choose a project

Click through our current projects and choose one. Whether you are fighting for children to be allowed to be children, for women to be accepted as an equal part of society, for people to be given the basic right to health care, or for people willing to work to be given work, the choice is yours. Have you made your decision? Great. Then please select the project in the form below.

Step 2 – Mobilise friends, acquaintances and relatives

Create a compelling text or shoot a video to show your friends and our community the purpose of the project. Don’t forget the occasion of your fundraiser – from a birthday, to a wedding anniversary, to a crazy action (dying hair in Kenyan colors, a road trip to Kenya, etc.), everything is allowed.

Step 3 – 48 hours time to plan your fundraiser

Now it’s up to us. We will create your fundraising campaign based on your information and publish it on our website. In the meantime you can think about how you can best inspire people with your campaign. Within 48 hours we will notify you as soon as your fundraiser is online.

Step 4 – Invite friends

All beginnings begin nowadays on social media or by mail, but word of mouth propaganda is and remains the most effective! You are also welcome to use the good old telephone for this purpose.

Tell us about your idea. We are curious!

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  • Preferably a picture of you. Please send videos via the free website "wetransfer.com" to office@makemesmile-int.org.
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