Mollyn Wanjiku and Clinton Ochieng

Mollyn is a 20 year old girl. Until she was 16 she lived alone with her father. While he was out looking for food, Mollyn had to take care of the household. This is easier said than done due to the fact that Mollyn is paralysed from the waist down.
Two years ago Mollyn gave birth to her son Clinton. He was born with very thin and weak legs. He was not able to stand up until a year ago. The father is unknown, so Mollyn and Clinton received no support from him.
After Mollyns father passed away, she, Clinton and her younger brother moved in with Cladis, their sister in law. Cladis was married to their brother, who died from cancer. Since his death, Cladis is taking care of their 4 year old daughter, their one and a half year old son, Mollyn, Clinton, her 17 year old brother in law and Sharon (one of the girls from the Miwani Childrenhouse).
Long story short: Cladis, who is only 27 years old, is met with the responsibility of feeding seven hungry mouths. To do so, she works as a security officer at the sugar factory and also is selling vegetables. She is however still not able to make ends meet.
Make Me Smile was able to help out Mollyn, Cladis and the others through providing food and bed linens. We were also able to arrange physiotherapy for Clinton and a walker for him to practice at home.
Some time passed and we received the message of his ability to walk! Nowadays Clinton is even going to kindergarten. Around the same time, Make Me Smile managed to obtain a bicycle-wheelchair for Mollyn, enabling her to go to the market by herself and take care of the grocery shopping for Cladis. Clinton is still attending physiotherapy and Mollyn just started a “Bicycle-Wheelchair-Training”.
Helping out Mollyn has brought hope and strength to the entire family. Now Mollyn wants to start a training in tailoring.
Help us to enable Mollyn to be independent!