The Gender Equality Hike takes place

anytime between the 27th of August to the 5th of September 2021.

It’s a global event so you can hike anywhere you want.

Choose your favourite route, sign up, invite your friends and family and start hiking.

What are we hiking for?

For women everywhere around the world, but especially for women in our region:

62% of men do not allow their partners to use contraceptives.

Between 39% and 47% of Kenyan women have experienced sexual and gender-based violence in their lifetime.

One in three Kenyan women experiences sexual violence before they reach the age of 18 (GVRC, 2014).

Ultimately, Kenya is ranked 109th out of 153 in the Global Gender Gap Index.

Our answer to the structural gender inequality 

The situation for women in Kenya is more than difficult, which is why we have been running projects focusing on gender equality and Sexual Gender-Based Violence for nearly seven years now.

More than 16.000 adolescent girls and young women between the age of 10 and 24 have been supported in our DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe)-project to lead a healthy and self-sufficient life, free from violence or suppression.

Through our Austrian Development Agency funded projects focusing on reproductive health and sexual gender-based violence, we promote health-, women-, and human rights. We are reaching around 24.500 people per year through different channels and interventions. First and foremost we set up safe spaces, where women who suffered SGBV receive legal and medical counseling. In order to prevent the assaults in the first place and promote reproductive and women’s rights, we sensitize the communities through a number of measures. These contain participative educational theatres, social-behavioral change forums, or radio sessions.

For only 15 Euros we can train 30 people on reproductive health.
For 20 Euros we can provide safe and secure contraception for over a year.
One theatre play costs only 65 Euros and has a lasting impact on the young people and the communities.

So what’s next?

Take part in the hike.

Tell your friends

And share your experience with us.

How to take part?

Sign up on the Website and pay the participation fee of 26 Euros.

Why 26 Euros? Because 26% of women are victims of intimate partner violence. And we want to get that number down!

We will send you a starter package.

Share your hike with us on Social Media #mms4genderequality

And find fellow hikers through our social media platforms, hike together and make new friends.

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