The ‘Make Me Smile’ project started off in 2009 with the founding of the ‘Miwani Childrens House’ through Maximillian and Irmgard Ullrich and Simon Otieno in cooperation with the ‘therapeutic Communities’.
The house provided medical and educational support as well as a loving atmosphere to 10 Kenyan girls suffering from HIV/AIDS and poverty between the ages of 6 and 12.
Meanwhile the girls have grown up and are staying in secondary boarding schools, living with their former ‘Mamas’ (Matrons of the Children’s House) or their foster parents. Along with 11 other needy children from Miwani they receive a daily lunch, scholarships and continue to be supported wherever necessary.
In August 2013 through donations provided, amongst others, by the USAID we were able to build a greenhouse next to the Children’s House. This ensures a healthy and nutritious meal for our children in the daily lunch program, as well as promoting a self-sufficient lifestyle. The residue is sold to the community at reasonable prices to sustain other projects. Fish and poultry are also kept in Miwani to supply the community.