Maxwell Mathew Mbola

Maxwell Mathew Mbola is 21 years old and has four siblings. After the death of his father Maxwell and his family moved to theirs uncle. His mother died shortly thereafter. Maxwell’s sister Sharon has been part of the Make Me Smile family from the beginning and was one of the first 10 girls living in the Children House in Miwani.
Maxwell is a very dedicated and intelligent young man. We want to promote his potential and give him the chance to visit the university. For his selected studies are very good grades required. Because of this he decided to repeat the last school grade. Unfortunately it is not possible to retake just one year and Maxwell had to attend two more years of school. During this time, Maxwell supported his teacher by helping out during classes. Finally he passed the exams with good grades and today he is an active student. Teaching really made him smile during school, so he decided to study Education Science with IT, Biology and Chemistry. In future, this enables him to give his knowledge to others.
Maxwell constantly expresses his wish – apart of being able to support his family – to be a helping member of the community. He says he wants to multiply the help that was given to him.

Maxwell Mathew Mbola wrote the following in November 2011:
It’s with my high pleasure and treasure to be associated with you. I am named as above aged 19 years old. We are five siblings, signed with one parent, who happens not to be with us. We have 0,5 ha land over which is barren. Due to the death of my beloved dad we departed and came to our uncles place. Leaving our house down as a result we are homeless. Since then i have been struggling to meet my dreams get fullfilled. In class five i meet Make Me Smile trough madam Hellen who then were my headteacher. She introduced me due to my good and hard work. Make Me Smile has made me proud by providing me with school fees and providing necessary essentials to my little sister and supporting my family. It’s with deep consinderation that I have done my form four level over which I have a new hope trough Make Me Smile. Trough my sponsors and donors I am seeing my life beeing transformed to another level. It has made it possible for me to even interact with different people all over the world.
Trough Make Me Smile I will happen to make it in life and even help my little brother and sister and even be a role model to our community. Despite that I have done my ‘o’ level. I will also be happy to have even a varancy change to even help one or two organisations with voluntary work. This is because my potential towards work is high and I have one full year to wait for university.
I would like also to advance for more further studies at the universitylevel and astudy bio-chemistry or medicin. Trough you i hope i will just make it to the maximum. Trough you I will also help mu siblings and even the community at last.
Lastly I thank all of you for your support. I may not have good gifts to offer you. I may not have that good thing to do for you as thanksgiving for your support. But i have you always in my heart and pray that may the mighty god bless you and make your fawor troughout the country and help us. I love you all. God bless you.
Yours faithfully M. Mathew.