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    “Education forms the way to a better Life” – Lukas Akoko

    By now, Lukas has already completed half of his university education successfully. Crazy, how time runs. When he was a child, he was living with his older brother in an orphanage in Ngong, south of Nairobi, because the family’s parents died when the boys were still very young. Luckily, they had the chance to visit primary and secondary school through the orphanage. The two of them have always been a team, they supported and motivated each other, simply because back when they were little, their parents always imparted the value of education to them. So, they knew that the only way towards a better life, was to always prioritize their own education. When you asked the young Lukas at a market, what he would like to have, the answer was not some toy, neither was it sweets, but instead all he wanted was this huge encyclopedia, he’s had his eyes on for months. He could tell you exactly on which market stall, under which pile of books to find it. Even during mealtime at the orphanage, you could always observe Lukas how he had a book on his knees under the table, to constantly being able to study some more.
    Soon it was very clear, that this special young boy was way too ambitious and way to smart, to have his educational path to end after graduating secondary school.
    Already his older brother, whom Lukas always tried to equal, was lucky enough to start a universal study with the help of donors, which he is currently successfully finishing.

    Hard work pays off

    Lukas has worked very hard towards best possible secondary school qualifications, to be able to apply to a governmental scholarship which would pay for half of the university fees. His application was granted, which was an honoring achievement for him.
    Lukas is interested in technology, engineering, and computers, so he chose to pursue a study in Computer-Science. He was accepted at an elite university – the Africa International University in Nairobi-Suburb Karen.

    Please support Lukas on his way

    The expenses per school year consist on the one hand of the university fees, and on the other hand of predetermined fees for books and study material, as well as catering and accommodation.
    Currently, Lukas has already finished his first two years of study successfully.
    So now there are only two more years to fund.
    We are excited about every support. We thank everyone who is able to help us with a single time spontaneous donation, as well as we are looking forward to all the amazing people who are planning to support Lukas throughout the following years, leading up to his graduation at university.

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