The floods, that have lasted since the beginning of the year are now revealing the dramatic devastation. Many family homes were destroyed. Some people still live in emergency shelters with poor hygienic conditions.

We provide particularly severely affected people with the most necessary

Thanks to the help of CRS, we are able to provide another 240 families, who are affected by the flood, with the most essential relief supplies. To ensure hygiene and a basis of well-being, mattresses, blankets, sheets, mosquito nets, water purifier, soap, detergent, underwear, bandages, petroleum gel, burners and torches will be provided. Corn flour, oil, rice, corn and beans are distributed for the supply of basic foodstuffs. In addition, five mobile toilets and 30 hand washing stations will be installed in the region.

Help us help

Even if these first steps already bring a lot of relief, we are still far from reaching our goal. The devastation has been so extensive, that a lot still needs to be done. That is why we are asking you for a small or large donation, so that we can give people back a basis of dignity and normality. Every donation helps and arrives.