Especially in remote regions of Kenya, the leisure activities for children are limited. Our Children Clubs offer children in rural areas a day full of fun and games. In addition, we playfully impart knowledge concerning HIV/Aids, hygiene and career choice.

Children have a right to play

Children Clubs bring recreational education to even the most remote schools and communities and work against stigmatization and discrimination. Our trained caregivers identify children’s behavioural problems, enabling early prevention precautions and appropriate care to be taken. Through the therapeutic environment we reach children and adolescents as well as their caregivers and can reduce trauma symptoms and causes. We support the children to develop their emotional and social behaviour. Children are encouraged to open up, share challenges, interact and learn from others, discover their talents and learn about their rights as a child.

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In addition to games and fun, we provide knowledge on important topics

The following activities are offered: sports activities and games, cultural activities and exercises, traditional games, support with homework, a mobile library, youth groups, information and counselling on drug abuse, HIV/AIDS prevention and various therapeutic (after-) treatments.
Sexuality is still a taboo topic in Kenya. It is rare for parents to educate their children about sexuality, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, contraception and family planning. For this reason, we organise educational programmes for young people in order to raise awareness and create space for discussion.

We offer recreational pedagogy for children

It is important that every child and young person voluntarily takes part in the various activities. Everyone decides for themselves what is good for them and to what extent they want to get involved in which topic. In this way, there is always the possibility to unfold at one’s own individual speed.

Children Club Lunch

Children Clubs reach children in remote areas

Due to the rapidly growing population, the high HIV prevalence and the resulting impoverishment of our communities, there is a growing gap in child care and there are no places for children to simply play. The Children Clubs counteract this problem. The events take place at different locations so that children in rural areas can also participate.

For 35 euros you can provide 100 children with an unforgettable day

Please support the project and give a smile to needy children. Your donation is tax deductible!

Big thanks to the Development Aid Club Vienna

We thank the Development Aid Club, which co-finances the project year after year.