Family Planning Program

The living conditions for the inhabitants in Kolwa East Location deteriorated in the last few years while the same area a strong population increase experienced. Knowledge is often lacking to inform the people about the benefits of Family Planning and to efficiently implement the services. Through the Rain-Worker-Training we want to change the negative attitude towards family planing and improve maternal health as well as the health of the children.
First steps have already been achieved in Cooperation with „Aktion Regen“ (NGO) and the Kenyan Health Ministry. 50 CHWs (Community Health Workers) have already been educated as Rain Workers in 2015. Their responsibility is to do household visits and raise awareness about the topics within families and do direct referrals to Dispensaries and Health Centres, as well as approach the Community at large in Schools, Health Facilities and Community Centres etc.

In May 2016 we will start a „second round“ and we will give a training in family planing to 50 additional CHWs. This time already trained Rain Workers will hold the trainings under the support and supervision of Aktion Regen. This means it will be a training for trainers at the same time.
This project strengthens the whole community by providing awareness about important facts of life but it also creates new jobs for our CHWs, helping them to support their own families.

Please help us in our mission, to create a better life for Children in the near future! Thank You!