Anjiko is a 19 year old girl who lives with her Parents and two cousins in a town near Kisumo called Esibouye. She is blind, deaf, mute and suffers from immense mental limitations. A specific Illness was never diagnosed.
Nine years ago, after the death of her sister, she started to develop the first symptoms of her Illness. It progressed step by step. Her ability to speak started to falter, so much so that she is now only able to communicate through moaning sounds. At age 14 all of the above mentioned symptoms had manifested and she is still confronted with them today.
In 2008 Anjiko’s situation was brought to the attention of the Make Me Smile team and we have since been supporting her and her family medically and in the fulfilling of basic needs. Through the benefits of physiotherapy she is able to eat by herself. Make Me Smile was able to assist Anjiko’s mother to open up a small mandazi stall, which she runs not to far from their home.