Welcome to the Blog!

It all started with a big Karibuni! Now its time to say Asanteni!
Through this way we first of all want to speak out a big thank you and our sincere appreciation to all the most wonderful volunteers and helpers who dedicated their time, efforts, hard work and commitment, creative ideas and all their inputs through their unique and diverse contributions to the Make Me Smile Kenya!

With our Blog we want to create a space for all our former volunteers and constant helpers to share their thoughts, their most memorable, most challenging moments and their overall experience at Make Me Smile Kenya! We also want to picture some of the people in our current successful programs and give them a platform to introduce themselves.

Therefore, I hereby warmly welcome all our readers to dive into these most unique experiences of many Make Me Smile Kenya family members, who definitely left and continuously are leaving as many memorable stories in Kisumu, as they are able to share here! 😉
Karibuni nyote!