Make Me Smile Kenya is an NGO with a holistic approach towards Sustainable Development Cooperation! Primarily, we support vulnerable children, adolescent girls and young women! To create a lasting impact, we build on existing structures like the government- and community strategy and seek to sustainably empower the support network of our target group.By involving relevant stakeholders and providing a holistic range of services, we are working towards a better future, especially for children, women and their entire communities in western Kenya.

"We support people in helping themselves - for the benefit of the children. Because we believe in the potential of each individual."

The four focus areas of Make Me Smile Kenya

We are committed to the well-being and positive development of 11,256 (half-)orphans and vulnerable children which is measured through various indicators including education, health care, child protection, psychosocial support, safe shelter, food & nutrition and economic strengthening of their families and continuously assessed by our family caregivers. This allows us to provide personalized interventions and the necessary support based on our findings. Our goal is to create empowered and self-sufficient households that can meet the needs of their children, even beyond their childhood (university etc.).

Through awareness raising programs, we promote gender equality and stand up against sexual gender-based violence (=SGBV). To achieve a long term social and behavioral change, we also include men, religious leaders, youths and children in the discussion. Besides raising awareness, we created access to SRHR information and contraceptives for more than 24.500 people!
To reduce violence against women, we established five SGBV Help Desks in health facilities. Our team of trained Nurses and Paralegals takes care of the victims and helps them receive justice!

A healthy society increases the chance for a better future! In our health centre mothers can give birth to their children under professional care. The focus of the facility is maternal-child health, family planning and HIV prevention. To provide medical care to rural areas and make it more accessible, we conduct medical outreach programs and free medical camps. Through our Reproductive Health Program and within our Youth Friendly Centres, we convey objective information about Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and provide contraceptives anonymously and free of charge!

More than 600 members of our established village savings and loaning associations gained access to microcredits and receive interests on their savings.
Vulnerable families receive assistance in creating an additional income, for instance by receiving seedlings, livestock and training in entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy.
Young women can learn about various professions at career days, while we provide them with vocational training opportunities. In our Crafts Centre, young women receive a high-quality training and a stable working environment, enabling them to provide a promising future for themselves and their children.

Our project region – Kisumu County

We are implementing projects in western Kenya. The region lies directly on Lake Victoria and has hardly been developed by tourism so far. Together with local communities, we identified the following problems for which we are working out solutions in collaboration with various stakeholders:

  • 19,9% sind mit HIV infiziert

    19,9% are infected with HIV

  • 4,4 Kinder bekommt eine Frau

    4,4 Children are averagely born by every woman

  • Sexualität gilt als Tabu

    Sexuality is a taboo

  • unregelmäßige geringe Einkommen

    irregular low incomes

  • Eine von drei Frauen ist Opfer sexueller Gewalt vor ihrem 18. Geburtstag

    Sexual violence is present

  • Korruption ist weit verbreitet

    Corruption is widespread

Our History

With this short history we would like to give you an impression about the development of Make Me Smile Kenya. Having started with a small children’s house for 10 girls, today we care for more than 13.000 orphans and vulnerable children in western Kenya. With every new milestone our projects developed further step by step and today we follow a sustainable approach of development cooperation.

1. A journey into the unknown


In 2007 Maximilian Ullrich visited Kenya for the first time as part of his school’s volunteer program. The Danube International School Vienna has been funding a lunch program for the 800 students of Waluka Primary School since 1998.  Together with his colleagues, he supported the teachers and helped to serve food. He is impressed to see how 800 children queue daily for a bowl of corn and beans, especially how many even empty some of it into their pockets for their brothers and sisters at home. For many it is the only meal of the day.

During his stay, friendships are also made with the people of Kenya, including the hairdresser Dan. He tells him a lot about the great poverty and the problems in the country. This year there is also great political unrest, followed by post election violence, which makes everything much worse.

2. A Childrenhouse is built

Childrenhouse Miwani

Back in Austria he cannot forget the impressions.  He stays in contact with Dan and they exchange ideas how to help in a meaningful way. Now Simon Otieno, the future manager of Make Me Smile Kenya, also comes on board and the first project takes shape. In a short time he also convinces his mother, Irmgard Ullrich, that something has to be done. Together they mobilize friends, relatives and acquaintances and in 2008 they found the children’s home Miwani, where ten girls orphaned by HIV/AIDS find a loving home.

3. The decision to do more


The support is being increased. A fish pond and a chicken farm are being built and an agricultural business is being established. In 2012, we choose a sustainable path of development cooperation and set the biggest milestone in our history. Make Me Smile Kenya has been registered as an NGO and Simon, as an excellent manager, will initiate our cooperation with USAID.
Together we are building a network of 69 family caregivers who will care for 3,155 orphans and vulnerable children and young people over the next four years. Our girls from the children’s house are reintegrated into local families in the spirit of helping them to help themselves and are also supported by family caregivers.

4. We focus on prevention

Participatory Educative Theatre

After five years of work we realize that sustainable development cooperation is only possible with family planning. First, our experts visit families on a small scale and objectively impart knowledge about contraceptives and reproductive health. Subsequently, we start a cooperation with Aktion Regen and train more than 150 Community Health Workers in family planning, contraception, safe motherhood and HIV prevention and form a network to reach all inhabitants of our project region with this information.

Our concept is recognised and promoted by the Austrian Foreign Ministry through ADA (Austrian Development Agency). This will enable us to start a three-year programme in 2017, which will provide 24,500 people with knowledge and access to family planning. Our aim is to encourage families to make informed decisions about the timing and number of children they have, taking into account the best interests of the child.

5. Good work is recognised

DREAMS Project

Our sponsor, USAID, recognizes our commitment and is increasingly expanding the number of children entrusted to us starting in 2016. Make Me Smile Kenya is awarded by USAID as the best partner organization in Western Kenya. At the end of 2017 we are entrusted with the implementation of the five-year MWENDO program (USAID) and are given responsibility for over 13,300 children.

Within the framework of this program our family caregivers ensure that basic needs such as food, education and health are met. We also promote the psychosocial health of the children and help them to help themselves through savings associations, training courses and the distribution of seeds, so that families can soon meet the needs of their children themselves.

6. Health for all


A cooperation with Graz University of Technology, the local community and the Ministry of Health of Kisumu County made it possible. Make Me Smile realised the construction of a health centre in an area where people had no access to health care.

It was our first major construction project, which in combination with the Kenyan bureaucracy led to a longer construction process. Since the beginning of 2019, the health centre and all its outbuildings have been in place. In July 2019, the “Angola Health Centre” will go into operation fully equipped. We will enable the start-up for six months and from January 2020 the Ministry of Health will take over the running costs. We have laid down minimum standards in a contract. If these standards are not met, we have the option of operating the health centre privately. Our aim is to provide free, high-quality health care. Will that work? We are curious.

7. It is in our and your hands

We left some things out, because so much has happened, attention is a scarce commodity and we are especially interested in what the future brings. We want to achieve this as soon as possible:

  • Support women more (by expanding our violence prevention programme and promoting family planning)
  • To provide medical care for all our chronically ill children
  • To finance additional psychosocial support training for our team in order to be able to help traumatised children even better

If you can support us, please do not hesitate to contact us – it is now time to take action

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Our awesome Team in Kenya

Simon Peter Otieno Managing Director
Brenda Onyango Deputy Managing Director
Erick Okoth Monitoring & Evaluation
Paul Enocka Volunteer Coordinator
Wilis Okatch Reproductive Health Coordinator
Beth Odingo Household and economic Coordinator
Dorine Werimo Accounting
Evans Onyango Data Officer
Cindy Walker Master Tailor of COMUNDO

Make Me Smile International Team Austria

Maximilian Ullrich Chairman and Managing Director
Roger Winandy Deputy Chairman
Michaela Mally-Ritter Public Relations Manager
Irmgard Ullrich Treasurer
Raoul d'Harambure Secretary
Alina Kernbauer Deputy Treasurer
Valerie Goidinger Deputy Secretary

Make Me Smile International Team Germany

Nico Wagner First Chairperson
Anna Balthasar Second Chairperson
Roger Winandy Treasurer
Maximilian Ullrich Secretary
Isabel v. Bieberstein Deputy of first Chairperson
Martin Spundflasche Deputy of second Chairperson
Irmgard Ullrich Deputy Treasurer
Lisa Hachenberg Deputy Secretary

Make Me Smile International Team Switzerland

Elian Kool President
Rebekka Kool Board Member
Matthias Herrmann Board Member
Rolf Widmer Board Member
Maximilian Ullrich Board Member
Irmgard Ullrich Board Member
Urs Zweifel Accounting

Let us work on solutions together and create a lasting impact