Therapeutic Volunteer-Program: Football Donation

We are very grateful for this amazing donation of 100 Footballs from the Denzel Auto AG, via Erwin Faschingbauer sen.. The Footballs were taken to Kisumu, to Make Me Smile Kenya by Maximilian Ullrich and Erwin Faschinbauer jun..
This donation is definitely a big reason to Smile, not only for our Children and Youths! 🙂
We are planing to distribute one ball to each mentor of our “Children Clubs”, to provide an even bigger motivation for the youths to participate in all the activities on the weekends and during school holidays.
Erwin jun., who is a former youth of the Therapeutic Communities Austria will help as a volunteer at Make Me Smile Kenya and in various agricultural projects.
We are certain, that through this opportunity and our support, we can help him to bring a positive change in his life.
After all, the unique experience to help other people has left a lasting impression on all our volunteers.