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  • According to their feedback their work in Kenya was impressive, intense, unique and unforgettable. The people they met, especially the joy and appreciation of the children they worked with, stay an impressive experience. Through important tasks they gained responsibility, enabling them to grow personally. They experienced how, with a little amount ot money, they could spend so many smiles. They even get a deep insight in the culture through the open and welcoming arms of our Kenyan staff.
    The wonderful Make Me Smile Kenya Team, that works with the volunteers, takes every input seriously and is welcoming any support they can get.

    Main activities:

    The volunteers support the socialworkers within the programes of APHIA PLUS (Aids, Population and Health Integrated Assistance – People driven Leadership Universal Assistance):

    MMS Kenya is in charge of more than 3.200 orphans and vulnerable children. Six socialworkers and 63 CHVs (Community Health Volunteers) are working with MMS Kenya. They always need some help – for example:

    • by visiting the families


    • by helping in Family Interventions and finding solutions for sustainable empowerment


    • lend a hand in trainings in different skills (for example economical skills, like building a kitchen garden)


    • lend a helping hand in realising sustainable agricultures


    • by producing energy efficient cooking stove, ect.


    • by helping in Awareness Raising Programs concerning HIV/Aids, family planning, hygiene and health:
      • in form of lessons
      • in a playful manner, through various drama and art projects


    • agricultural activities, like vegetables and fruits farming


    • Shelter Renovation and Reconstruction (especially during raining season)


    • Teaching in different Kenyan Primary Schools; (all primary school subjects – creativity is welcome) or helping out in the school’s lunch programmes



    • Management of individual projects


    • So many other areas, in which you have skills and expertise and wish to make use of them. Our team is open and welcoming towards anything new and appreciates any helpful contribution, which will make someone smile :)

    Additional activities:

    • Installation of sanitary facilities as well as construction of various buildings in terms of sustainable community development.
    • We also offer english and swahili classes for those who are interested.

    Kisumu is a safe city and a MMS Staff will reside in the house, for the volunteers comfort and security. For additional security, a watchman will guard the house at day and night.
    You will be staying in a residential house run by MMS Kenya that has all the necessary facilities you may need. It is located in one of the prime and quiet areas in Kisumu off Kisumu Kakamega road close to Kondele police station.
    The house has two bedrooms and one bathroom for the volunteers. Volunteers may be expected to share with at least one other person (2-3 students per room). Rooms will be equipped with beds, bedding and mosquito nets.
    The volunteers should be 18 years old. It is important to know some english. It is the offical language in Kenya and therefore essential for communication in our team.
    Particual skills and experiences in pedagogics, social work, work with children, agriculture, technique, ect. are very helpful and welcome but not necessary.

    The costs ar depending on the lenght of your stay, the number of other volunteers and your personal needs. We will calculate them on an individual basis.
    Since we are a Non-Profit NGO we are not able to support our helpers financally in their voluntary service but we organized a lot to offer best possible conditions for our volunteers.
    You will get the Visa directly at your entry in Kenya at the airport in Nairobi. It is also possible to apply for a Visa at the kenyan embassy (costs: € 40 for 3 months).
    There are some vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis required. Best you inform yourself and consult a doctor or a travel clinic (tropical travel institut) –

    Are you motivated and interested in experiencing something unique, to come to the aid of our team, to lend a lot of thankfull people your helping hand, to give a smile and return with a even bigger smile? Then we will be very happy to recieve an application with following contents::

    Level of education
    special skills
    preferences of conducting certain activities
    personal motivation
    personal motivation

    Please send your application letter in english to our local Project Manager Simon Otieno.
    and to our Managing Director Maximilian Ullrich

    We are looking forward to conducting a wonderful, fruitful and exciting Volunteer Programme with you, which will allow you to gain many unique experiences in life!