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    In April 2015, Make Me Smile Kenya organized the first mobile Safe Park in Kenya. In addition, a permanent Safe Park has been placed in front of the health centre.
    A Safe Park is a safe and supervised place for orphans and vulnerable children, where they can enjoy their childhood. The approach of the Safe-Park-Program is based on theories of child-and youth welfare and practical experience. The children are given the opportunity to open up, share their challenges, interact with one another and explore their talents and aspirations. Safe Parks are intended to increase the involvement of family and community participation.
    The Safe-Park-Program contributes to the following needs: organized sport activities and games, cultural games, support with homework, a mobile library, youth groups, debates, information and advice on drug abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention as well as effective ecological farming methods, which all have a lasting therapeutic effect.
    Introducing this program to Kenya was only possible due to our intense cooperation with the FICE (International Federation for Educative Communities) network. The Safe Park model has been developed and shared by FICE South Africa/NACCW, whom alongside FICE Austria- and International provided financial support, while FICE Kenya facilitated the coordination.
    A county representative assisted us in drilling a ditch around the area of the Safe Park to avoid flooding. In order to level the ground, our manager, Simon Peter Otieno was able to organize the transport of sand and soil to the Safe Park. This could not have been done without the generous help of the Ministry of Social Services.
    Our next step is to build an indoor library for children and young people, where they can read, talk about their education as well as connect and exchange with international and local institutions, like Maseno University, NACCW (National Association for Child and Youth Care Workers South Africa) and FICE (International Federation of Educative Communities).
    Help us to build an important and safe place for Children, which will strengthen our communities in important life skills and solidarity :)