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    Most memorable moment

    It is very hard do define which moment the most memorable was, due to the numerous beautiful experiences I through lived in the two months in Kenya. But I think one of the most memorable moments was when Katrin, another volunteer and I stranded in the night in the middle of nowhere with our motorbike, because we ran out of fuel.
    A family, which we hadn’t known before wanted to give us food and take us in for the night and another motorbike driver drove for us into the city to buy us a liter of fuel so we could get home safely. This was definitely one of the most beautiful things that have ever happen to me in my life.

    Most challenging moment

    The most challenging moment was definitely the goodbyes. I have to admit that I’ve never felt as sad as I was in this moment ever again. It was a feeling in between joy that we were able to help those people a little bit and an incredible amount of sadness because I had to leave them. Even today, after 9 months, I think of all the people I met down there every single day, and miss them.

    Overall experience

    It is impossible to put this experience in words. I’ver never seen anything remotely as beautiful as the people down there. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me and it changed me in different ways of thinking. There is not a single thing that is more worth than putting a smile on other peoples’ face. I recommend this to everybody, and I, for my part, will go back definitely. And I am already looking forward to seeing all the friends, I made down there, again.